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Mar 16

The Shocking Toilet Paper Truth: Why Diets Don’t Work

By | Cravings , Intuitive Eating

Toilet paper and diets. Now there’s a conversation I never thought you and I would have. But here we are in 2020, contemplating a very different world from 2019. There are entire cities locked down, school closures, flight cancellations, strict border controls, self-quarantine periods and bare shelves in supermarkets, all altering the way we live. […]

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Mar 02

Don’t Want To Eat Out Of Boredom? These Tips Are Your Only Hope

By | Emotional Eating , Intuitive Eating

T’is the hour for boredom eating… 8 o’clock at night (or 2pm in the afternoon, whatev’s). There’s nothing on the TV. You’ve watched everything (EVERYthing) on Netflix. You don’t feel like reading an actual book (turning pages? Ugh. No). You’re bored of scrolling facebook and instagram. In fact, you’re bored. Just bored. Next thing you […]

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