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3 Signs You’re On a Fun-Free Diet

By jennifer@thinkingnutrition.co.nz | Intuitive Eating

Jul 12

The other day I saw a high profile celeb on social media posting a photo of the watermelon cake they’d made for their kid’s birthday.
And boy, I felt sad. I really hope that kid wanted the watermelon.
Because I don’t. I want to eat cake at a friggin birthday party, not watermelon.

Do people know it’s not a criminal offence to have fun eating healthy?
Are today’s diet companies leading us astray?
Are personal trainers making our healthy eating approach miserable?

I really wonder.
That’s why this week I did a quick video for you on the topic: 3 signs someone’s on a fun-free diet.

Loads of people have forgotten how much joy food can bring – and I don’t want you to be one of them. They’ve reduced food down to a list of nutrients, fat, protein and carbs. And that’s not right.


Here’s 3 SIGNS someone is on a FUN-FREE DIET:

1. They refuse to eat food they enjoy the taste of.

Their fave food might be chocolate, or cookies, or pizza – it could be anything. The point is, they ignore their own food likes and refuse to eat the food because they think of it as “unhealthy”, “bad”, or a “forbidden food.”

2. They choose foods purely based on nutrients.

Whether its choosing a green for dinner – kale versus broccoli.
Or a sweet treat at a cafe – caramel slice versus a raw bliss ball.
They choose foods to eat based purely on nutrient content and don’t consider their own tastes or what they enjoy.

3. They avoid social eating occasions.

Whether that means avoiding the social occasion altogether, so they’re not tempted by the food. Or coming along to the social occasion and refusing all of the food (“I ate before I came, thanks anyway”).
They feel like they can’t ever eat outside the rules of their (fun-free) diet, not even for one snack or meal.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you have to eat exactly what your mates eat. But if food rules and diets are impacting your social life, it’s time to rethink your priorities.

Food is not just nutrients. It’s equal parts taste, enjoyment, socialising, celebrating, culture, traditions and making memories.

Food is a big part of our lives – and that BIGness exceeds the number of nutrients in it.

We’ve become obsessed with nutrients and macros… somehow expecting some tiddly-widdly little difference in nutrient content to change our life.

We can’t see the woods for the trees. Or more to the point – we can’t see the food for the nutrients. We’re blinded by nutrients. Blinded by diets. Blinded by calories. We can’t see taste, enjoyment or fun any more.

Embrace food fully in your life – honour food for all its amazing roles.

Balance your food likes with your health – it’s not one or the other. You can have both.
How? I don’t exactly know how it will work for you; that’s for you to discover. You’ll find your own balance – just like I found mine. One that leaves you happy while still honouring your health.

And that’s the real prize my friend – happy + healthy.

Jennifer xo.

P.S. Check out my FB Live video for more on this topic – 3 Signs someone is on a FUN-FREE DIET.

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Hey, I’m Jennifer. I work with women who are sick of dieting & feeling guilty about what they eat. I help them create a happier way to eat healthy & embrace their changing body.