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4 Ways That Diets Destroy Your Self-Esteem

By jennifer@thinkingnutrition.co.nz | Intuitive Eating

May 15

With a deep sigh Helen opens the fridge door. Another day. Same miniature breakfast.

There’s no food to get excited about.
She knows she’ll be hungry well before her pre-portioned lunch can be eaten.
She knows by tonight she’ll be ravenous.
She hopes she can stick to her diet.
She wishes she had more willpower.

By dinner-time all hope is gone. Helen is back at the fridge.
Wracked with guilt. Eating anything and everything.
She feels awful.
She’s failed again. She feels crazy around food.
She has no confidence in her self.
She has no self-esteem.

Helen feels like a complete failure.

And that, my friend, is the dirty reality of dieting for most people.
It’s not the reality the diet-companies sell though is it?

They don’t tell you that along with XX kilograms you’ll also lose your self-esteem.
They don’t tell you the “new” you will be more miserable than the “old” you.
Or that binge eating is a normal side effect of deprivation diets.

Far be it for me to rain on Oprah’s parade.
But I feel like there’s a big purple elephant in the room.
So here’s the FACTS about the damage dieting causes psychologically and emotionally:

1. Dieting is linked to eating disorders

In the ghastly but true file – dieters are eight times more likely to suffer from an eating disorder than non-dieters.
Hmm. Never seen that one advertised by Weight Watchers.

2. Dieting is linked to feelings of failure, lowered self-esteem and social anxiety…

…irrespective of body weight.
Yes really.
So even if two people are the exact same weight, the dieting one will be more miserable.
Is that what Jenny Craig means when they say it changes your life? Err, probably not.

3. Dieters are more vulnerable to uncontrolled over-eating

In other words – dieters are more likely to lose control around food and eat WAY more than they planned.
Yep that awesome looking personal trainer on Facebook is quite possibly binge eating.
Every night, after she posts her flat-tummy photo on Instagram.
And no-one can see her.

4. Dieting erodes confidence and self-trust

There’s no better way to destroy your confidence than failing again and again at a diet.
How can you trust yourself?
You can’t keep promises to yourself, right?

The one failing to keep promises is – the DIET.

All the diet propaganda in the media continues to warp our view on dieting.
So when a diet leads to weight loss – people give credit to the diet.
But when they regain the lost weight – they blame themselves.

Diets are a dirrty lie. The only thing they’re good for is making money for big corporations.

Jennifer xo.

P.S. How much money does Spice Girl Mel B get paid for promoting Jenny Craig?

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