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Mar 16

The Shocking Toilet Paper Truth: Why Diets Don’t Work

By | Cravings , Intuitive Eating

Toilet paper and diets. Now there’s a conversation I never thought you and I would have. But here we are in 2020, contemplating a very different world from 2019. There are entire cities locked down, school closures, flight cancellations, strict border controls, self-quarantine periods and bare shelves in supermarkets, all altering the way we live. […]

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Feb 05

Help! I Don’t Crave Healthy Food! 8 Things New Intuitive Eaters Should Know

By | Cravings , Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating often feels pretty UNINTUITIVE to start with it. Which is ironic, to say the least. Trying to reconnect to all those natural body cues you apparently have somewhere in the depth of your stomach… “hello?” (echo, echo), “is there anyone in there?” (echo, echo). Not to mention the cravings for certain foods, and […]

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Oct 16

How To Get Unstuck From Obsessing Over ‘Treat’ Foods – Intuitive Eating 101

By | Cravings , Gentle Nutrition , Intuitive Eating

If there were awards for feeling guilty around food and eating, I’d have one (or ten). “Ooh I shouldn’t eat this… ooh I’ve had too much of that, I better be good for the rest of the day/week/month!” Anyone would think I’d set fire to an orphanage. But no. I was just guilt-ridden for eating […]

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Dec 09

Help! I eat healthy, but then I overindulge again….

By | 4 Pillars of Happy+Healthy Eating , Cravings

“I eat healthy for a while, usually a week, and then I start over-indulging, eating lots of desserts and sweets…” “I binge on chocolate whenever I allow myself to eat it, which is usually only once a week…” “I struggle to stick to my healthy food options because I’m craving something sweet…” Three totally different […]

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