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Oct 16

How To Get Unstuck From Obsessing Over ‘Treat’ Foods – Intuitive Eating 101

By | Cravings , Gentle Nutrition , Intuitive Eating

If there were awards for feeling guilty around food and eating, I’d have one (or ten). “Ooh I shouldn’t eat this… ooh I’ve had too much of that, I better be good for the rest of the day/week/month!” Anyone would think I’d set fire to an orphanage. But no. I was just guilt-ridden for eating […]

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Dec 09

Help! I eat healthy, but then I overindulge again….

By | 4 Pillars of Happy+Healthy Eating , Cravings

“I eat healthy for a while, usually a week, and then I start over-indulging, eating lots of desserts and sweets…” “I binge on chocolate whenever I allow myself to eat it, which is usually only once a week…” “I struggle to stick to my healthy food options because I’m craving something sweet…” Three totally different […]

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