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Nov 27

8 Intuitive Eating Tips That Will Make You A Happy Healthy Eating Pro These Holidays

By | Hunger & Fullness , Intuitive Eating

You’re probably wondering how you’re going to maintain your intuitive eating over the holidays, what with Christmas parties and buffets coming thick and fast. Remember when you were a kid and all you cared about on Christmas morning was opening your presents? All those shiny packages under the Christmas tree, some of them had your […]

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Oct 30

A Quick Guide: How To Tell If Your Evening Snacking Is A Problem

By | Emotional Eating , Hunger & Fullness , Intuitive Eating

Do you feel like snacking too much in the evening is one of your biggest challenges? Speaking as a person who truly loves and adores my sweet and salty evening snack sessions (smeared chocolate on the sofa and all). I’ve pondered the meaning of my evening snack-attacks too… especially when I first started intuitive eating. […]

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Oct 16

How To Get Unstuck From Obsessing Over ‘Treat’ Foods – Intuitive Eating 101

By | Cravings , Gentle Nutrition , Intuitive Eating

If there were awards for feeling guilty around food and eating, I’d have one (or ten). “Ooh I shouldn’t eat this… ooh I’ve had too much of that, I better be good for the rest of the day/week/month!” Anyone would think I’d set fire to an orphanage. But no. I was just guilt-ridden for eating […]

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Aug 27

Forget Keto, Not-Dieting Is The New Healthy Eating Trend

By | Body Image , Diets Suck , Intuitive Eating

Nutrition isn’t really ‘that’ important. Which might sound odd, coming from a registered nutritionist like me. Nutritionists are everywhere, giving their clients nutrition tips and creating healthy eating plans… Surely nutrition is the most important thing in my profession, right? Wrong. It took me years and years of working as a nutritionist to truly recognise […]

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