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Would Jesus eat chocolate cake? 

We live in a culture obsessed with diets, healthy eating rules, and down-sizing our bodies.

The Diet Lie E-Booklet looks to scripture for guidance, and finds a happy+healthy eating path.

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You'll Learn...

  • You want to have fewer cravings & less guilt - Let me help you ditch the cravings by showing you how to remove THE DIET LIE's guilt and make your craved foods less alluring.
  • You want to stop worrying about which foods you want to eat - Let me help you understand how food enjoyment is a God-given gift, that Jesus often spoke of.
  • You want to focus on more important things in life than dieting - Let me show you how THE DIET LIE can distract you from living your best life.

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What Is This FREEBIE?

A super-handy 13 page E-booklet that you can download.

The Faith & Food-Freedom E-booklet offers a Christian perspective on how our cultural obsession with healthy eating, dieting and down-sizing our bodies is leading us away from our God-given callings and a healthy relationship with our body.

The booklet will guide you through 4 TRUTHS that explain how we can create a happy+healthy eating style, and shift from living under food laws and food rules, to living under grace.

Created by Jennifer Bowden

Jennifer Bowden is a nutritionist and intuitive eating devotee, who helps clients, that are sick to death of dieting and feeling guilt about what they eat, find a happier way to eat healthy and embrace their changing body.

Through her totally-addictive blog posts, free challenges + new online membership, she’s here to show you how to have fun with food and honour your health – so you feel happier and healthier.

Her down-to-earth advice and humorous insights have featured in the New Zealand Listener's weekly nutrition column for over 10 years, along with the Healthy Food Guide magazine and National Radio.

When she’s not coaching lovely clients or writing for magazines, you can find her tripping over her sons’ Lego at home, over-dosing on Netflix and savouring dark chocolate everything.

I don’t want to eat piles of chocolate biscuits now, because the guilt isn't there now, that’s what I’ve taken out of this... it's just been a total eye opener, a revelation... and I’m positive in my head now about the way I eat and so now I feel more positive about myself. The negative feelings have all gone.

Diane Jordan, ZEST Client

Jennifer's nutrition expertise has had a hugely positive impact on my well-being and my performance in elite level sports. The most obvious change was is I've felt a significant increase in my energy levels during my day to day living, and I don't get as tired during cricket matches, especially the 5 day test matches. This helps me to improve my concentration and maintain a high level of focus right through until the end of the game.

Billy Bowden, International Cricket Umpire

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