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I’m Sick of Feeling Guilty

By jennifer@thinkingnutrition.co.nz | Intuitive Eating

Jul 09

“I’m tired of worrying and feeling guilty about what I eat.”

I’ve heard that message SO many times from my clients.

Guilt, embarrassment, shame, self-hate…
And why?

Because of food-rules and diets.

We create self-imposed rules about what we “should” eat and “shouldn’t” eat.
Or follow certain diets that dictate what we have to eat, irrespective of how that makes us feel.
Then we alternately feel miserable while following the diet/food rules.
Or feel guilty when we don’t meet those rules.
What the heck?! There’s something BIG missing from this picture….

And that something big is YOUR HAPPINESS!

Where is your happiness in your healthy eating approach?

Are you actively making yourself miserable every day for a diet or in the quest of supposed “healthy eating?”
Or are you honouring your own happiness?

Newsflash – if your healthy diet is making you miserable, it’s not healthy.

A healthy relationship with food is one in which you get to enjoy eating the foods you love.
You balance your enjoyment of food with its health-giving qualities.

And that’s what I’m talking more about in this Facebook LIVE video – CLICK HERE.

But if you want the quick summary, here it is:
1. Food-guilt is really common (like, REALLY common).
2. But food-guilt is not normal and we shouldn’t accept it as part of life.
3. Instead CHOOSE TO honour your happiness.

Make sure you’re eating foods you enjoy the taste of, that bring you great memories, and that you enjoy sharing food with loved ones. And choose to be active in ways that are fun too – if that means dance classes instead of a sweaty, smelly gym, then YES do it!

Happiness is here right now for your taking. You don’t have to get to a certain dress size or number on the scale. You can choose happiness today for your healthy living style – just do it.

Jennifer xo.

P.S. Does it seem a bit confusing to honour your happiness and stay healthy? Email me to ask me a question if you want to understand more – I’m happy to help.

About the Author

Hey, I’m Jennifer. I work with women who are sick of dieting & feeling guilty about what they eat. I help them create a happier way to eat healthy & embrace their changing body.