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Is Keto Better Than Other Diets?

By | Diets Suck

May 14

“The Diet Is Dead, Long Live The Diet!”

Paleo? So yesterday. Like bike shorts for high fashion. (Ugh. Why did the Kardashians do it?)

Today. Keto, of course, has ascended the diet throne. Crowned the King. Everyone is keto-ing.

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Cafe menus. Work lunches. Oily breakfasts (Constipated bottoms).

Keto is totally 2019. Everyone who’s anyone is doing keto, right?

Well not really, but it might feel like that given how much lovin’ and airtime the ole’ keto diet is getting.

And look, I’m not here to convince anyone that loves the keto diet that they should stop doing it. Knock your socks off. Sink your weekly pay into avo and salmon.

I’m not biased against the keto diet. I’m just totally against dieting for weight-loss full stop.

Diets Don’t Work – Keto, Paleo, Sugar-Free…

Why? Because over 95% of diets fail. Because one-third to one-half of dieters regain more weight than they lost. Making them bigger after the diet than before. With a slower metabolism as a bonus. And a totally dysfunctional relationship with food and their body. Because weight-loss diets are soul-destroying, guilt-inducing and a total waste of life.

And keto is just another iteration of the next-best weight-loss diet.

Last year it was paleo that was going to save everyone.

And coconut oil…

Before that it was the sugar-free diet.

Before that we had the Atkins diet.

Before that we had good ole’ WW, the artist formerly known as Weight Watchers (ssh, don’t mention that they used to watch “weight”, it’s a lifestyle now, wink-wink).

But if all of those “were” the saviour, that “perfect diet” that would result in permanent weight loss, then why the heck is everyone now trying keto in 2019?

And seriously, do you think in 2020 people will still be doing keto? I mean sure it’ll languish around for a while. Like how the crossfit crowd are still sticking with Paleo. Hard-core. Cavemen. Beef jerky. Awesome.

I mean, I hate to point out the elephant in the room (cliche, I know). But there is literally a giant elephant standing in the room with “diets don’t work!” spray painted on it’s side. And everyone is ignoring it, while they plan their next plate of avocado and salmon with wilted greens.

Stay Strong – Ignore Food Fads – Eat Intuitively

Maybe you’re wondering – should I try a keto diet? Maybe this one will work? Everyone at work is raving about it.

Trust me girlfriend. The popular end will come for the keto diet. Just as surely as no-one is bothering about sugar-free diets anymore.

Because whenever we restrict our access to certain foods we end up craving those very foods more.

It’s just human nature.

Weight-loss diets with restrictive lists of foods we can and can’t eat, do, by their very nature, set us up for failure.

Add to that our body’s survival mechanisms – it truly doesn’t want you to starve to death. Bless it. And so it’ll do almost anything to save you from what it feels is impending starvation from this self-induced famine.

The most joyous (and sensible) idea is to look inside yourself for answers – that is, to eat intuitively:

  • To listen and respond to your hunger and fullness
  • To remove all the rules around food
  • To  listen to how your body feels when you eat different foods
  • To make your own choices about how to blend gentle nutrition with a good dash of food enjoyment

It’s a winning combination that no before and after photo can truly do justice to.

And for myself and my clients, eating intuitively is like lifting a veil on life and discovering a whole new amazing world to enjoy – the world of food and fun. Good health and happiness. Without guilt, without self-destruction, without a set of bathroom scales to ruin your day.

Jennifer xo.

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Hey, I’m Jennifer. I work with women who are sick of dieting & feeling guilty about what they eat. I help them create a happier way to eat healthy & embrace their changing body.

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