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Is Your Inner-Meanie Sabotaging Your Healthy Eating Goals?

By | Intuitive Eating

Jul 21

“You’re such a loser.”
“Oh you’ve messed it up again!”
“You can’t do anything right, can you?”

I said quietly. To myself.

It sounds so much worse when I write it down; rather than just rattle the insults off in my own head.
But that’s how I used to talk to myself many years ago, and it wasn’t good.
Can you relate? Do you ever say hurtful things to yourself? Belittle your healthy eating efforts, your body shape or size?

Being kind to yourself is crucial if you’re going to stick to your healthy eating goals – that’s why I did this quick video: 3 KEYS of KINDNESS you NEED for HEALTHY EATING.

The funny thing is (well, it’s not that funny actually), SOO many diets and training programs nowadays are anything but kind and caring.
It’s all about pushing yourself hard, punishing yourself for your so-called ‘food mistakes’.
Burning off calories from your ‘cheat days’.

How can you create a happy relationship with healthy living, if the whole thing is a big miserable battle that makes you feel guilty and awful every second day?

So I say – be flipping nice to yourself 😉
And here’s why:

1. It’s hard to stick to healthy eating goals if you don’t treat yourself like you really matter!

So start listening to how you’re talking to yourself – shut that inner-meanie down.
Remember – everyone struggles to some degree with an annoying internal critic.
Whether it’s about your work performance, your relationships, your health, your body, your parenting, your friendships… whatever it is.
The difference between all of us though, is how we respond to the critic and how loud we let that voice become.

2. Self-compassion is an important part of healthy eating, but it’s missing from many “diets” and “training programs”.

Learn to treat yourself with self-compassion.
Which of course means – learning what the heck self-compassion is…. (which brings me to my next point)…

3. Understand the 3 PRINCIPLES of self-compassion and start making it a priority:

  • Step 1 – Be kind to yourself, rather than judging yourself with a harsh set of impossible, unrealistic rules.
  • Step 2 – Realise no-one is perfect, like, literally NO-ONE is eating a ‘perfect’ diet, because it doesn’t exist. Everyone feels like they’re messing up and just getting by.
  • Step 3 – Develop mindfulness about your emotions and thoughts – don’t attach too much meaning to your emotions and thoughts. They are just that – thoughts and emotions, not facts written down in the Encyclopaedia Britannica (wow – I really dated myself with THAT comment!).

Say goodbye to that inner-meanie! Goodbye and good riddance 😉

Jennifer xo.

P.S. Want to test yourself and see how much self-compassion you have? CLICK HERE for an online test.

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