Jennifer Bowden, Non-Diet Nutritionist

Are you sick to death of dieting too?

Hi, I’m Jennifer Bowden and I help clients, who are sick to death of dieting, find a happier way to eat healthy and embrace their changing body.

So many of us try to eat healthy but end up feeling guilty for craving and eating ‘unhealthy’ foods – and we're tired of constantly stressing over food, not to mention feeling like we’re missing out on all the fun of food. Ugh!

Trust me, you can uncover your crazy-fun food intuition. I guarantee you, your expert self is hiding inside you, right underneath the shady mess of those nasty diets.

Jennifer Bowden Registered Nutritionist Auckland Intuitive Eating Counselor

Life's so much better with some food-fun and a spoonful of gentle nutrition...

You CAN have fun with food and enjoy eating again, while honouring your health with a little gentle nutrition.

This is 100% how I live and I can show you how to do it too.

Because life’s too short to be counting calories, measuring macros or letting a bathroom scale ruin your day, right?

Trust me, you can find your happy place - with not a bathroom scale, food plan or nasty diet rule in sight.

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While I have a 10+ year background in nutrition and healthy eating, my unofficial specialty is in 'keeping it real'.

Because I have a unique perspective on healthy eating – I retrained as a nutritionist after a decade-long corporate career that saw me adopting some VERY unhealthy food habits.

I've tried diets, I've failed at diets, I've detoxed with half a tonne of cabbage - what a waste of time (groan).

I said goodbye (and good riddance) to dieting and the weight loss industry – and am loving life as an unfoodie nutritionist juggling work with family life (which means I’m constantly looking for quicker, easier ways to be happy and healthy).

I'm an intuitive eating devotee, committed to HAES principles, who's on a mission to rid the world of life-sucking diets and nasty food rules.

I write blog posts inspired by being true to yourself
, by honouring your amazing self and health, by crazy-mumming days, sleepless nights and chocolate cupcakes – it’s fun but it’s also real.

And I’ve been writing a weekly nutrition column for the New Zealand Listener magazine for over 14 years now. I’m not a newbie nutritionist who just popped up yesterday. I’ve been around the block, many times. ?

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Or just surfing the net killing time between Netflix sessions? Here are 4 funny facts about me…

Jennifer Bowden - Nutritionist, Auckland

The boring stuff, right? But, just so you know, here are my 'official' qualifications:

  • A Master of Science (Distinction) in Human Nutrition.
  • A Bachelor of Science (First Class), Honours - in Human Nutrition.
  • And I'm a NZ registered nutritionist.
  • And I was a finalist in the 2016 Canon-Media Awards for Health reporting (they’re kinda like the Academy Awards of the print media world in New Zealand).

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