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“Reasons you are fat…” He said what?!

By jennifer@thinkingnutrition.co.nz | Intuitive Eating

Jul 02

Whoah! He said WHAAAT?!

“Reasons you are fat….. you have a sh!t diet.”

Right. Or more to the point – wrong, James Smith.

Okay so Mr Smith THINKS he knows everything about dieting and weight loss. We, the stupid public, are apparently too busy looking for excuses for our fatness and should just acknowledge what this ‘clever’ personal trainer has revealed – fatness is due to “sh!t diets”.

Problem is – that’s totally wrong.

And it REALLY annoys me – on behalf of all the amazing clients and friends I know who’ve struggled with dieting, restricting, binge eating, feeling like a failure, feeling guilty, being scared to eat anything, trying every damn diet on the market…

And I explained why James is SO wrong in this Facebook LIVE video – CLICK HERE.

But if you want the quick summary, here it is:
1. Weight gain is not just caused by what you eat – your metabolism also has a BIG impact. (As anyone with a skinny partner who can eat anything, already knows, right?).
2. Restrictive dieting causes your metabolism to slow down, making weight gain much more likely.
3. The only sh!t thing here is James Smith’s advice.

Don’t believe James. Don’t believe the diet industry. Don’t believe the hype.

Happiness is not on the other side of a diet. Happiness is where you make it – right here, right now – not in a salad bowl, not in controlling your calorie intake.

Jennifer xo.

P.S. Watch my full FB LIVE video – CLICK HERE.

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