How To Leap From Surviving to Thriving In A Global Pandemic 

 August 18, 2020

By  jennifer@thinkingnutrition.co.nz

Do you ever wish you had a personal trainer, chef and house-cleaner to give you a much-needed break?

(Lookin’ at you, Martha Stewart)

Because, most days, it feels like a challenge just to get out of bed… with the global pandemic having no end in sight.

You’re physically and emotionally exhausted, completely drained of energy. So much so, that you don’t have the physical or mental energy to create the life you want for yourself and your children.

You’re tired and yet you can’t sleep, you want to be healthy and yet you don’t have the energy to cook or exercise.

You don’t love how you feel, how you look, or how you behave around food (especially if there’s anything with a chocolate coating involved) at the moment.

The truth is, nowadays you don’t really trust yourself to behave normally around food or that bottle of wine — argh!

And after months of lockdown, lack of sleep, worrying about schooling and your kids, and dealing with the stress, anxiety and irritability of it all…

You feel so far from your own health and wellbeing goals than ever before.

You just want to feel GOOD and have ENERGY again…

But the stress of COVID and lockdown is impacting your life in so many horrible ways.

You see it in your lack of sleep, the back pain, your hair falling out, the constantly feeling irritable and exhausted, your confidence slowly sleeping away as you wonder when this nightmare will end…

You’re so damn tired of feeling drained and the myth that you should have it altogether as a mom, that you can somehow home-school like a star, bake like Martha, prepare healthy meals every night, find time to exercise and get those flat abs, all while looking like Miranda Kerr.

Enough is enough!

Introducing: The Surviving to Thriving 5 Day Challenge

This challenge is a 5-module program with quick online training videos for busy mums, to help you reset, recharge and reclaim your life from COVID today.

Together with my lovely friend Julie Pelletier, PhD, a women’s healing coach, and myself (Jennifer Bowden, Registered Nutritionist) we can help you reset, recharge and reclaim your life (yes, during a global pandemic!).

We will learn things like, how to:

  • Develop new skills that will enable you to change your body chemistry and control the fight or flight response you’ve become  accustomed to in daily pandemic life. So you can ditch the anxiety and restore your body and mind to their natural relaxed state. Your energy levels will improve, and the constant feeling of being on edge and irritable will mellow out.
  • Honour your appetite, and make sense of your natural hunger and fullness cues, so you can kick that out-of-control feeling around food and stop overeating.
  • Learn quick strategies to move past all-or-none thinking and other common thinking traps (e.g., catastrophizing, fortune telling, shoulding) that can sabotage your eating and wreak havoc on your work and family life during the COVID “new normal”. So you can create a more balanced lifestyle for yourself and lower your stress level immediately!
  • Develop better ways to cope with the difficult emotions of COVID life, and being a busy mum, so you can overcome emotional eating. Bonus, you’ll find more peace with food, so you can enjoy eating without the guilt and shame!
  • Create ‘pandemic-friendly’ schedules and routines, so you can get the self-care, rest, and reset you need to boost your energy levels and feel less irritable. You’ll gain confidence in setting boundaries and prioritizing your own needs so you don’t keep trying to pour from an empty pitcher.

The challenge starts on Monday 24th September – so sign up now here, so you don’t miss out:


Hey, I’m Jennifer. I help women transform their relationship with food, their body and weight, so they can ditch the guilt and shame, and focus on more important stuff - like living a happy and healthy life!

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