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The 3 Pillars of Happy+Healthy Eating

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May 22

Do you remember the Twilight movies? Love-torn story of vampire Edward Cullen and his very-human love interest Bella Swan.

Actor Robert Pattinson was definitely NOT a fan-favourite for the role of Edward.
His only major movie role before then was playing Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. And his Diggory display didn’t endear him to Twilight fans.
​Oh dear.

Anyways, Robert Pattinson delivered a dark, brooding, tortured Edward Cullen when filming started for the first Twilight movie.
And the film production team was not happy. They wanted a happy Edward.
“You need to smile more,” they told him.
They gave him a copy of the book with passages of aforementioned “smiles” from his character highlighted.

They threatened to fire him.
He still refused.

Five movies, and over US$3.3 billion in box office takings, later I think all would agree Pattinson’s broody portrayal of Edward Cullen was plenty good.

So are you playing out your life the way YOU want?
Are you honouring your own choices for food and health?
Or are you listening to everyone else’s opinion on your life and diet?

These THREE PILLARS form the foundation of my happy+healthy eating approach:

1. Honour your happiness

I’m not talking deliriously happy from the moment you wake up until you hit bed (err, not real).
I mean – saying “NO” to ghastly diets and food rules that make you flipping miserable. Dark hole. Guilt. Bury me. Yuck.
And instead honouring your opinion about how you live your life, and what and how you eat.

2. Honour your health

Choosing to nurture your body with gentle nutrition (not rabid, guilt-laden diets).
Making small, natural changes to how you fuel and feed your body – while still honouring your happiness.

3. Be compassionate to yourself

Showing kindness to yourself (not everyone except yourself, hello?).
Acknowledging that you’re not perfect and (newsflash!) neither is anyone else.
Understanding that many people face the same food struggles as you (trust me, they do).

That’s it… 1, 2, 3 – boom! Happy+healthy eating, trust your body, trust your intuition, have fun.
Jennifer xo.

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Hey, I’m Jennifer. I work with women who are sick of dieting & feeling guilty about what they eat. I help them create a happier way to eat healthy & embrace their changing body.