There Are Hundreds Of Things Wrong With My Eating – Where Do I Start? 

 February 27, 2019

By  jennifer@thinkingnutrition.co.nz

“I eat piles of food even when I’m not hungry, I eat anything and everything, I have bad cravings, I have no willpower, I have literally hundreds of things wrong with my eating…”

Does that sound familiar? You don’t know where to start in fixing things – which problem should you focus on first?

What if I said you didn’t have hundreds of things to focus on – you only had one issue to deal with.

One issue.

One problem.

One solution.

Wouldn’t that make life and sorting out your eating a lot easier? Heck, yes with a sprinkle of chocolate chips on top!!!

Many Of Your Food Issues Are Caused By Dieting

Yep. Many of the food issues you’re facing are caused by dieting and when I say dieting I mean The Diet Lie, which is the lie that if you just lost that weight everything in your life would be better, the diet culture that surrounds us and tells us we need to measure up and be a certain size, no matter what our genetics say, it’s the the diet lie that tells us we should weigh, measure and analyse to the enth degree every bit of food that passes our lips. It’s the lie that some foods are ‘good’ and some foods are ‘bad’. And it’s all a lie.

And the worst part is, the The Diet Lie doesn’t just snare people who are consciously dieting and trying to lose weight, it also snags those people who are trying to eat healthy and look after themselves, but fall into the same ridiculously, rigid, awful trap of believing the half-truths of The Diet Lie.

Some Of The Many Problems Caused By Dieting

Just thinking about going on a diet causes urges and cravings for play foods like icecream, chocolate and cookies.

Ending a diet often leads to going on a food binge and feeling guilty.

Dieting leads to having less trust in your self with food.

Dieting leads to feeling like you don’t deserve to eat because you’re overweight.

Each attempt at dieting gets shorter and shorter as your body fights harder and harder against the self-imposed famine (no, it’s not you failing, it’s your body winning).

Every diet is preceded by a mammoth last supper where you overeat all the foods you’re going to give up on Monday (or tomorrow).

You withdraw socially as you struggle to stick with your diet.

Your metabolism slows down more and more with each weight-loss attempt (not because you’re lazy, but because your body is fighting for your survival).

It’s Not You, It’s The Diet Lie

So the truth is – you don’t have hundreds of problems to fix. You’re not lacking in willpower, prone to binges and cravings, too lazy with a sluggish metabolism.

You are NONE of that.

You have just been deceived by The Diet Lie. Like almost everyone around you. The Diet Lie wants you to believe you’re the problem. It’s not you that’s the problem, it’s The Diet Lie.

Your Solution Is Clear – Ditch The Diet Lie

The biggest impact you can possibly ever have on your eating then, is to learn more about the harms of dieting, to hit diet bottom, to reject diets and to learn how to eat intuitively. When you do that ALL of those problems and things you saw as your character-weaknesses will disappear (along with the diets).

Jennifer xo.

P.S. Learn more about the Benefits Of Intuitive Eating right here.


Hey, I’m Jennifer. I help women transform their relationship with food, their body and weight, so they can ditch the guilt and shame, and focus on more important stuff - like living a happy and healthy life!

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