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(Yes, during a global pandemic!)

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  • Boost your energy levels and kick the exhaustion, overwhelm and irritability
    (You’ll learn how to actively switch off your stress response so you can recharge your energy levels)
  • Put the ease back into eating, and feel in control again, even during a global pandemic
    (You’ll learn how to identify and respond to your hunger and fullness cues, so you can kick the out-of-control emotional and stress eating)
  •  Discover a simple, self-care routine that will boost your confidence and mood
    (You’ll learn how to create a mini-schedule that works for you and your family during COVID lockdown, so you stop falling back on old habits that harm your health and wellbeing)

With the Suriving to Thriving Challenge...

— an online 5-day challenge with bite-sized step-by-step trainings to help you break free of the crazy emotional eating cycle, and end the COVID lockdown circle of stress impacting your wellbeing for good —

(For a fraction of what you’d pay for the same coaching individually…)

Do you ever wish you had a personal trainer, chef and house-cleaner to give you a much-needed break?

(Lookin’ at you, Martha Stewart)

Because, most days, it feels like a challenge just to get out of bed…

You're physically and emotionally exhausted, completely drained of energy. So much so, that you don't have the physical or mental energy to create the life you want for yourself and your children.

You're tired and yet you can't sleep, you want to be healthy and yet you don't have the energy to cook or exercise.

You don’t love how you feel, how you look, or how you behave around food (especially if there’s anything with a chocolate coating involved) at the moment.

The truth is, nowadays you don’t really trust yourself to behave normally around food or that bottle of wine — at least not without gaining a pile of weight…

And after months of lockdown, lack of sleep, worrying about schooling and your kids, and dealing with the stress, anxiety and irritability of it all...

You feel so far from your own health and wellbeing goals than ever before.

You just want to feel GOOD and have ENERGY again…

But the stress of COVID and lockdown is impacting your life in so many horrible ways.

You see it in your lack of sleep, the back pain, your hair falling out, the constantly feeling irritable and exhausted, your confidence slowly sleeping away as you wonder when this nightmare will end...

You’re so damn tired of feeling drained and the myth that you should have it altogether as a mom, that you can somehow home-school like a star, bake like Martha, prepare healthy meals every night, find time to exercise and get those flat abs, all while looking like Miranda Kerr.

Enough is enough!

You don’t need to let the COVID Pandemic sabotage your sanity, your health, and your wellbeing…

Julie Pelletier and family
Hi I’m Julie Pelletier, PhD — healing coach for women, wife and mom to 2 beautiful boys

I initially trained and worked in the mental health field for over a decade. From working in private practice, to schools and a university counseling center— I love to make a positive impact in all I do, by providing compassionate, thoughtful, professional, and FUN services to women. It was my desire to make a greater impact by helping women across the globe, that led to me having the best job ever as a healing coach for women.

A mom of two beautiful boys now, I understand the enormous grief and despair many moms face in life, having lost my daughter Jane at her birth in 2011. It is Jane's spirit that helped shine the light on my passion for helping stressed out working moms, particularly those struggling with emotional eating, chronic dieting, negative body image, energy depletion, anxiety and constant overwhelm.

I wasn't immune to anxiety, feeling crappy about my body, and struggling with food, but I've learned how to "walk the talk.” Through soul searching, receiving my own coaching and therapy, and finding sustainable, soul-level self-care that really works, I now live a joyful life that aligns with my core values. And I love working with moms to help them too, find freedom from overwhelm, and food and body image issues, so they can live a life that brings them the most joy and fulfillment.

Hi I’m Jennifer Bowden — registered nutritionist, wife and mom to 2 energetic boys (and lover of yummy food!)

Today, I can honestly say that I LOVE food and how I feel in my body — and I love helping other women and moms work toward their own versions of food and body freedom. But things weren’t always so simple.

I spent my twenties in a stressful corporate haze of working late nights, skipping meals, and surviving on junk food between back to back meetings. My relationship with food was wonky, to say the least... diet after diet, emotional eating, always swinging between “I’m hungry but I shouldn’t eat that” to “Screw it! I deserve it! Hand me that pint of icecream!"

But after retraining as a nutritionist, and years of personal reflection, hard work, and a pile of counseling, I've found a way to successfully manage the severe anxiety I've struggled with for years (yes, even through COVID lockdowns) and take care of my body and soul in a balanced way.

These ladies are phenomenal! They really know their stuff. They have helped me transform; with being mindful when I eat, with no more yo-yo dieting, and find a balance to my stressful mom life. I highly recommend everything they are teaching!

Jess W



A 5-module program with quick online training videos for busy moms, to help you reset, recharge and reclaim your life from COVID today...

We’ll explore how to:


Develop new skills that will enable you to change your body chemistry and control the fight or flight response you’ve become all too accustomed to in daily pandemic life. So you can ditch the anxiety and restore your body and mind to their natural relaxed state. Your energy levels will improve, and the constant feeling of being on edge and irritable will mellow out.


Honor your appetite, and make sense of your natural hunger and fullness cues, so you can kick that out-of-control feeling around food and stop overeating. As you connect with your body in a positive way, your energy levels will be boosted, and your constant thoughts about food will quiet down.


Learn quick strategies to move past all-or-none thinking and other common thinking traps (e.g., catastrophizing, fortune telling, shoulding) that can sabotage your eating and wreak havoc on your work and family life during the COVID “new normal”. So you can create a more balanced lifestyle for yourself and lower your stress level immediately!


Develop better ways to cope with the difficult emotions of COVID life, and being a busy mom, so you can overcome emotional eating. Bonus, you'll find more peace with food, so you can enjoy eating without the guilt and shame!


Create 'pandemic-friendly' schedules and routines, so you can get the self-care, rest, and reset you need to boost your energy levels and feel less irritable. You'll gain confidence in setting boundaries and prioritizing your own needs so you don’t keep trying to pour from an empty pitcher.


... because pandemics suck and you deserve to know how awesome you are! So we're going to make sure you finish the challenge with a feeling of confidence and power that positively affects every area of your life!

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Thanks for all the helpful information. I can certainly see where I am stuck in the "circle"! I am going to go back and watch the emotional eating video now as well. I already feel a weight lifted off my shoulders!

Claire L

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Thank you ... it's so nice to talk to other moms who get it.

Beth P

I loved your Facebook Live, I'm definitely going to go back and watch the previous ones I missed. They resonated with me so much tonight. Thank you both.

Allyson R

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