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Are You Sick of Dieting and Worrying About How Much You Weigh?

Not to mention the guilt about what you eat... argh! I help clients, just like you, ditch the hopeless diets and instead learn how to eat intuitively using the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating. So you can enjoy food again, feel comfortable in your body and get on with what really matters - like enjoying life again.




Intuitive Eating 101

Our signature online Intuitive Eating course to help you drop the struggle with food, your body, and weight and become a happy & healthy eater. 

Private Coaching

Private intensive  one-on-one coaching with Jennifer to make big strides in your  journey with food, your body and well-being through intuitive eating.

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What Zest Clients Say

   Jennifer helped me learn how to have foods I like - without bingeing - and eat them without feeling guilty 

Chocolate biscuits used to call me from the depths of the freezer. In the past, I couldn’t even keep them in the house. Today, I can eat one and then leave the rest in the packet for a few days.

After working with Jennifer, I’m more content with myself and my own body. I’m comfortable with who I am and finding joy in eating again. I feel more confident in my choices around food, what I choose to wear, and what I do with my time.

I have this inner-confidence that my choices are valid, it’s OK to lead my life as I want to, and I don’t have to fulfill other people’s expectations to live a rich and happy life.

Alison H, Zest Client

Jennifer Bowden

Hi, I’m Jennifer Bowden and I help clients, who are sick to death of dieting, find a happier way to eat healthy and embrace their changing body. I'm a non-diet registered nutritionist, nutrition columnist for the NZ Listener magazine, regular contributor on Radio Rhema, wife and mum to two crazy-busy young boys, phew!

They say

I don’t want to eat piles of chocolate biscuits now, because the guilt isn't there now, that’s what I’ve taken out of this... it's just been a total eye opener, a revelation... and I’m positive in my head now about the way I eat and so now I feel more positive about myself. The negative feelings have all gone.

Diane Jordan, Zest Client

Jennifer's nutrition expertise has had a hugely positive impact on my well-being and my performance in elite level sports. The most obvious change was is I've felt a significant increase in my energy levels during my day to day living, and I don't get as tired during cricket matches, especially the 5 day test matches. This helps me to improve my concentration and maintain a high level of focus right through until the end of the game.

Billy Bowden, International Cricket Umpire

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