To every momma who is sick of sad diets, crazy “food rules” and constant guilt about what you eat (and how much)…

This is your invitation to


With food - your body - and your weight!

So you can...

  • Put the ease back into eating, and enjoy all of the foods you love
    (You’ll learn to feel normal around food and stop worrying about what you eat all the time)
  • Stop fighting against your body, honor your appetite and curb your cravings
    (You’ll learn to eat in a way that feels nourishing, satisfying and pleasurable — without restriction)
  • Feel better and more confident in your body than ever before
    (You’ll learn how to stop wasting so much time and energy on trying to control your weight — and start living your life instead)

With Zest Happy + Healthy Eating

— an online intuitive eating course with step-by-step training to help you eat intuitively and with ease, break free of dieting and end yo-yo weight gain
for good —

(For a fraction of what you’d pay to get yelled at by a personal trainer, work with a health professional one-on-one, or even what you would have spent on your next “too good to be true” diet book…)

Do you ever wish you could just swap bodies with someone else?

(Lookin’ at you, Miranda Kerr)

Because, most days, it feels like your cravings have a mind of their own…

And even though your body has done awesome things for you — like growing little humans, falling in love, out of love, getting you to and from work each day, and everything in between…

You just don’t love how you feel, how you look, or how you behave around food (especially if there’s anything with a chocolate coating involved).

The truth is that you don’t really trust yourself to behave normally around food — at least not without gaining a pile of weight…

And after years of dieting, restricting, bingeing (rinse and repeat)…

You feel further away from your health and fitness goals than ever before.

Instead of a life where you feel confident in your skin and carefree around food, your day-to-day looks a little more like this…

  • Squeezing yourself into clothes that feel too tight, but refusing to go up a size because in some weird way, that would be like admitting you’ve “failed”…

  • Always feeling a little crazy around food — the constant calorie-counting, second-guessing your portion size, and forcing yourself to eat bland food (plain broccoli, anyone?) in an effort to control your weight…

  • Banning your “trigger foods” from the house — AKA the foods that you love to eat — because once you start, you know you won’t be able to stop until you can see the bottom of the packet…

  • Always being on a diet, planning a diet, or thinking that you SHOULD go on a diet — and imagining what life will be like when you’ve finally reached your “goal weight”…

  • Constantly swinging between extremes — either restricting like crazy and exercising like a mad woman, or getting so frustrated with diets and deprivation that you go on all-out food fiestas that riddle you with guilt and shame…

… And the craziest part of all?
You’ve repeated this cycle for years — even before you had kids — and you still don’t feel how you want to feel.

And the diets never last.

Each diet is harder to stick with than the one before…

And it seems like the weight comes back faster and faster every time.

(What kind of twisted black magic is this?!?!)

It’s infuriating. Annoying. Heart-breaking.

You just want to feel GOOD in your own skin…

You’re here because you’ve tried it all — and you’re exhausted by the sick game of diet roulette you’ve been playing for far too long...

If there’s a diet that promises effortless weight loss, you’ve already tried it (maybe even twice).

Whether it’s paleo, sugar-free, raw foods, low-carb, low-fat, no dairy, gluten-free ← or all of the above

You’re so damn tired of getting sucked into the sexy diet myth that your dream body and total food bliss is on the other side of your next 12-week plan and exercise routine.

Because, no matter how hard you try — no matter how many times you promise yourself that THIS Monday will the LAST Monday you’ll ever need to diet (because you’re really gonna do it this time)…

It’s always only a matter of time until you fall off the “clean eating wagon” (and into a bowl of choc-chip ice cream)...

And you end up feeling more stuck, frustrated, and upset with yourself than ever before.
Why does this keep happening?
Do you just need more willpower or a better plan?
Should you try that new blood-type diet that your friend’s Aunt lost 50 pounds on, without even leaving her couch?
Or maybe you need to put your partner’s junk food into an air-tight, padlocked, guard dog-protected underwater fortress to make sure you don’t crack next time your cravings kick in?
Um…… no.
Because there is nothing wrong with you!
YOU’RE not broken — it’s DIETING that’s causing all of your problems.

Diets are tiny THIEVES — of your happiness, your health, and your sanity… and the most messed up part of all...?

The Diet Lie wants you to believe that it’s all your fault!

That if only you had enough willpower, enough self-control, if only you “wanted it badly enough”, then supermodel skinniness, your high-school dress size and body-lovin’ bliss would be within your reach…

And I’m calling BS on all if it. Because not only are you way stronger and tougher than you give yourself credit for…

(And not only is your battle against your body not your fault — but rather the result of years of cultural conditioning, crash diets, and manipulative media messages)…

Your struggle with food and your weight is NOT the exception. It is the norm:

95% of Diets Fail

No matter which diet you try… research shows that over 95% of ALL diets fail in the long term.

Diets Cause Weight Gain

Between one half and one third of dieters regain more weight than when they began - making them heavier than when they started.

Dieting Causes Cravings

Dieters are more likely to overeat and binge than people who aren’t dieting.

Dieting also…

  • Slows your metabolism
  • Makes it harder to lose weight each time
  • Encourages your body to retain more fat when you start eating again
  • Increases binges and cravings
  • Causes your hunger and fullness cues to fade away

All of this means…

It’s not about willpower, or having the perfect plan, or just being disciplined.

In the long term, our bodies are designed to maintain a set weight that is ideal and unique to all of us for optimal health and function — and while dieting allows you to temporarily “mess” with the system, your body will do everything it takes to protect you and restore balance…

By increasing your appetite, slowing your metabolism, ramping up cravings and dulling your fullness cues…

And no amount of willpower of self-control is going to change that.

The Diet Lie wants you to believe that self-restriction works when it comes to controlling your weight.

It wants you to believe that you need to put your life on hold and deprive yourself down to a thinner body BEFORE you can start enjoying your life and feeling good about yourself.

The TRUTH is that all diets simply don’t work — in fact, they put you at a higher risk of weight gain in the long term… and put your health at risk in the process, too.

If this news makes you feel a little hopeless,
I want you to know this:

You can start feeling better around food, better in your body, and enjoy a rich, full, happy and HEALTHY life — without the rules, without the restriction, and without living at the mercy of the scale.

(Can I get an AMEN to that?)

You don’t need to keep living this way.

You don’t need to keep letting The Diet Lie sabotage your sanity, your health, and your wellbeing…

If you’re anything like the strong, resilient women I work with, then you likely have a LONG list of crazy shenanigans that the diet lie has pulled in your life over the years...

  • How many events have you skipped when you’ve been on a diet or health kick, because you were afraid of losing control around food or having to eat something “off plan”?
  • How many social gatherings with your dear friends and family did you flake on, because you were self-conscious about your weight and your body?
  • How many times have you held yourself back from booking that holiday to the beach, or raising your hand for new opportunities at work because you really wanted to lose a few more kilos first?
  • When was the last time you looked in the mirror and liked what you saw — without picking at your flaws and the pieces of you that you wish were tighter, smaller, perkier…?
  • How many photos and beautiful memories with your children and loved ones have you avoided because you hate the way you look on camera, choosing to hide behind the shutter instead?
I know, I don’t like thinking about it either.

I get really sad when I think about everything I’ve missed out on by restricting and punishing myself in the name of happiness…

And it breaks my heart to see so many women buy into the same myth I did:

That trying to control my weight would make me anything other than miserable, hangry and BIGGER than when I started…

And this means one thing...

This is your invitation to opt out of The Diet Lie — before it robs one more year, month, week or minute of health and happiness from your precious life.

And here’s what’s waitin’ for ya on the other side…



Exhausting cycle of weight loss and weight gain

Finding a stable weight that allows you to live your life to the fullest, without food-guilt or restriction

Constantly worrying about what you eat and how much, second-guessing your appetite and beating yourself up for eating the “wrong thing”

Feeling NORMAL around food and enjoying food that is delicious, nourishing, and satisfying — including the foods you love

Constantly at war with your body, your weight, and the cravings you can’t seem to resist (no matter how hard you try)...

Totally in tune with your body's natural hunger signals, and the life-changing FREEDOM of a healthy, pleasurable relationship with food

These shifts are exactly what happened for me — and what I’ve helped hundreds of women and moms achieve in my work as a registered nutritionist, founder of Zest Healthy Eating, and unofficial “eat the damn brownie” advocate.

So if you’re wondering “Who the hell is this lady?” then allow me to introduce myself...

I’m Jennifer Bowden — registered nutritionist, mom to 2 energetic boys, and lover of yummy food.

Today, I can honestly say that I LOVE food and how I feel in my body — and I love helping other women and moms work toward their own versions of food and body freedom.

But things weren’t always so simple.

I spent my twenties in a corporate haze of late nights, skipped meals, and junk food between back to back meetings. My relationship with food was wonky, to say the least...
When I felt bad about myself, I’d start a new diet (The Carbohydrate Addict’s Lifespan Program sticks in my mind as particularly heinous…) only to find myself bingeing on marshmallows later that day or week.

Quite simply, I felt like I was on a food (and weight) rollercoaster →

Always swinging between “I’m hungry but I shouldn’t eat that” and “Screw it! I deserve it! Now hand me that entire pint of icecream and spare me your judgement” (because I was really, really good at beating myself up about how I ate and my size.)
On and on the cycle went for YEARS: restricting, bingeing, fluctuating weight and a whole lot of guilt, fear and shame around food.

(I even continued this cycle after I left my corporate job and retrained as a nutritionist!)

After one particularly rough spot in the middle of a “cabbage detox” kick (yes, it was a thing)... I knew something needed to change.
Diets were officially on my sh*tlist and I was sick of feeling like a prisoner in my own dang body.

Yep — even as a nutritionist, I still wasn’t sure how to feel NORMAL around food!

I was sick of food consuming my thoughts each day. And when I realized that I’d ended WORSE OFF after every diet than before I started (can you relate?)…

It became clear: the diet industry WANTED me to keep waging war on my own body — when we were actually on the same team.

(And maybe I needed to give my body a little more credit and see what would happen if I really tuned in to what she was telling me.)

Screw “clean eating”, sad kale smoothies, and meal plans. I wanted HAPPY eating instead.

I wanted to make peace with myself, get on with life, and be present for the people who matter to me (instead of skipping events, covering up my body in shame, and hiding from any camera lens within a 10-foot radius).

I began to experiment with what it meant to eat intuitively and listen to the signals my body was sending me about my appetite — and what would feel GOOD and PLEASURABLE to eat.

Slowly but surely, I learned how to ENJOY food again.

Without guilt. Without shame. Without stress.

And — without the crazy weight fluctuations I’d endured through years of dieting and bingeing.

I started to learn more about the horrific ways that the food and diet industries market fake problems, solutions and miracle cures to us…

… highly profitable lies that have us feeling more out of control in our bodies than ever before…

And I was introduced to the life-changing work of Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, pioneers of the Intuitive Eating approach, and Linda Bacon, who flipped the middle finger to the diet world with her powerful research and work on the Health at Every Size Movement

I realized that dieting and living a life that revolved around my weight and food choices wasn’t necessary, productive, or healthy…

And so I began to incorporate their principles into my practice with clients, and I combined them with my own experience and training as a nutritionist to develop my 4 Pillars of Happy + Healthy Eating:

And the results have been nothing short of amazing:

Jennifer helped me learn how to have things I actually like— without bingeing — and eat them without feeling guilty.

Chocolate biscuits used to call me from the depths of the freezer. In the past, I couldn’t even keep them in the house. Today, I can eat one and then leave the rest in the packet for a few days.

After working with Jennifer, I’m more content with myself and my own body. I’m comfortable with who I am and finding joy in eating again. I feel more confident in my choices around food, what I choose to wear, and what I do with my time.

I have this inner-confidence that my choices are valid, it’s OK to lead my life as I want to, and I don’t have to fulfill other people’s expectations to live a rich and happy life.


I want you to know that eating well can be EASY — and you don’t have to wage war against your body for one more day…

Eating yummy food that feels pleasurable and looking after yourself CAN be simple…

EVEN IF you’re a busy momma who’s short on time and even shorter on cooking skills.

Because this isn’t about a new fad diet, crazy bootcamp-style workouts at the butt-crack of dawn (nothing good happens at 5am anyway), or restricting yourself to low-carb/low-fat/low-flavor meals that literally sap your will to live…

There’s a DIFFERENT path ahead for you — and it looks like this:

✔ Eating the foods you want until you feel full and satisfied… so you can eat and ENJOY the damn chocolate without the crushing guilt and shame…

✔ Learning to move your body in ways that feel nourishing, restorative and fun…
instead of punishing yourself with grueling exercise routines that even Hugh Jackman would struggle to maintain (sorry Hugh)…

✔ Making peace with your body and your weight, and eating in a way that honors your hunger and appetite…
so you can put an end to years of yo-yo dieting and settle at a weight that allows you to live your life to the fullest…
And we’ll make it happen — together — inside Zest Happy + Healthy Eating.



Get online trainings, community, and support to help you put the EASE back into eating, feel better in your body, and give diets the flick — so you can stop worrying about food and get on with life!

Zest Healthy Eating is about so much more than learning how to repair your relationship with your body and embrace a healthier, happier way of eating, through learning to eat intuitively.

Zest is about reclaiming your FREEDOM around food.

Zest is about learning to TRUST yourself and your body.

Zest is about choosing to START LIVING your life now.

Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not after your next ill-fated diet. But now.

Here’s exactly how Zest Happy + Healthy Eating will help you kick dieting to the curb and embrace a happier, healthier way of eating for good:

Zest Healthy + Happy Eating is an online program for busy moms who are ready to break free of the diet trap, feel normal around food, and get on with living a healthy, happy life.

When you join, you’ll get instant access to:

The Zest Intuitive Eating Online Course

A 10-module program and online video course to help you break free of dieting, yo-yo weight cycling and restricting your food choices (only to binge later).

We’ll explore:

  • How to eat intuitively, instead of feeling restricted by tough dieting rules that leave you unsatisfied.
  • How to incorporate the 4 Pillars of Happy + Healthy Eating into your busy life, and develop a natural eating rhythm that feels pleasurable, satisfying and effortless
  • In-depth research on why diets don’t work, how it impacts us, and why we need to reject diets to live a happier, healthier life
  • How to move past “black and white thinking” and rigid food rules that trigger cravings, guilt and shame around food
  • How to respond to cravings without restriction or self-deprivation
  • How to honor your appetite, and make sense of your natural hunger and fullness cues
  • How to make nourishing food choices, going beyond “clean eating”, and learning how to make the best food choices for ourselves, without all of the stress or rigid “food rules”
  • How to practice self-compassion and acceptance and start to feel better in your body — so you can get on with living your life to the fullest instead of beating yourself up all the time
  • How to incorporate gentle nutrition and movement into your life without having to diet or start a grueling new exercise regimen

Netflix style online video trainings

Inspiring, helpful online training videos, so you can access your training at any time and learn at your own pace.

Journals, checklists, recipes and how-to guides

Printables, worksheets, and easy-to-use checklists that will get you up and going in minutes, as you learn to incorporate the principles of happy and healthy eating in your life. Plus some yummy, easy recipes along the way too!

If you’re busy and always on the go…

All of your Zest Boost goodies will be available to you in three formats: video, audio and written text, so you can listen on the go, and choose to consume the content in whatever format makes the most sense for you.


Now it’s time to meet your Special Bonuses!

Bonus 1
Private Happy + Healthy Members Community

Your membership includes exclusive access to our private members’ only community — a place where you can ask questions when you get stuck, celebrate a happy eating win, and meet people who will support you on your happy + healthy eating journey. 

You’ll also get access to special live Q&A sessions, and support within the group so you can stay motivated, inspired, and on track!

Bonus 2
Delicious Recipes

Looking for some foodie inspiration?

Jennifer will include a booklet containing 30 of her own recipes that she enjoys regularly. These include everything from muffins, to quiches, salads, main meals and tasty chocolate cakes.

All showing how a registered nutritionist enjoys food not only for nutrition, but also taste, celebration and enjoyment!

Bonus 3
Brain Transformation

Have you ever found yourself sabotaging your own goals?

In this Brain Transformation Mini-Course you’ll discover why it’s completely normal for us to sabotage our new goals – we all do it!

You’ll also discover how to start reprogramming your brain to support your transformation into a happy + healthy intuitive eater, so you can more quickly reclaim food freedom.

Billy Bowden

Cricket Umpire

Jennifer’s nutrition expertise has had a hugely positive impact on my well-being and my performance in elite level sports.
The most obvious change was is I’ve felt a significant increase in my energy levels during my day to day living, and I don’t get as tired during cricket matches, especially the 5 day test matches. This helps me to improve my concentration and maintain a high level of focus right through until the end of the game.

This is your invitation to stop waging war against your body and finally put the ease back into eating:

(For a fraction of what you’d pay to get yelled at by a personal trainer, work with a health professional one-on-one, or even what you would have spent on your next “too good to be true” diet book…)

Join Zest Healthy + Happy Eating today and you’ll get instant access to:

zest happy + healthy eating

Zest's Online Intuitive Eating Course



  • One payment, lifetime access
  • The 10-Module ZEST Intuitive Eating Online Course
  • Checklists & How-to Guides
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Delicious Recipe Booklet with 30 Personal Recipes

Secure Payment By:

“I feel better… I look better… I don’t have that guilt thing anymore…

I don’t want to eat piles of chocolate biscuits now, because the guilt isn’t there now, that’s what I’ve taken out of this… it’s just been a total eye opener, a revelation… and I’m positive in my head now about the way I eat and so now I feel more positive about myself. The negative feelings have all gone.”


You’re FULLY protected by the Zest 30-Day Happiness Guarantee

I know first-hand how scary it can feel to walk away from a lifetime of dieting, restriction, and low-grade craziness when it comes to food. Because you’ve been taught that it’s the only way to maintain a healthy weight and feel good in your body.

Your fear of losing control around food is REAL. And the idea of letting go of the tight-grip you’ve tried to keep around your weight… Of choosing to nourish and listen to your body rather than depriving yourself and using shame as a motivator… Feels weird and kinda terrifying. I get it.

And that’s why I have a proposition for you… Call me crazy → But I want you to just try it out and see what happens. That’s why I want to make this decision easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy for you:

Join us inside Zest Healthy Eating today, and if over the next 30 days, you don’t start to feel ANY of the following:


... because you’ll never have to put yourself on another sad, restrictive diet again…


... because you’re learning how to look after yourself and care for your needs in a kind, nourishing, and deeply satisfying way…


... because you’ve got full permission to eat and ENJOY the foods you love, along with the tools to make food choices that work for you…


... because you’re finally able to get on with living your life instead of letting deprivation, punishment, and guilt get in the way…


... because you’re at peace with your body, able to accept and love where you are today, and excited about what life has in store for you now that dieting isn’t taking up all of your time and energy...


... because kicking diets to the curb and enjoying your life is a powerful kind of personal rebellion… and it gives you a feeling of confidence and power that positively affects every area of your life…

… Then just shoot me an email at jennifer at and I’ll send your money right back to you. No hassles, no arm-wrestles. And what you do from there — whether you choose to go back to the old way or try something new — is totally up to you.

(And remember if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can get a full refund within the first 30 days.)

But if you just give it a try, you might find that you never want to go back to the old way — because a more easeful, pleasurable and FUN way of eating is possible… and a better relationship with your body is within reach…

And you’ll learn exactly how to make it happen when you join us inside Zest Healthy Eating today. No risk. No commitments.

Just give it a whirl… and feel the difference for yourself.

Joining us inside Zest Healthy Eating is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

STEP 1 – Click on the Join Now button, and follow the prompts to complete your payment.

STEP 2 – You’ll receive your login details with info on how to join the group within 15 minutes of your purchase.

STEP 3 – Introduce yourself, start working through the step-by-step training and resources, and pop into the group to introduce yourself and ask your first question!

Zest Healthy Eating is PERFECT for you IF…

✔ You wonder whether you’re doing “healthy eating” and diets right, because you’re not losing weight — no matter how much you exercise, or how many green smoothies you force yourself to drink.

✔ You find yourself eating food for no reason, even if you’re not hungry, and when you allow yourself to eat, you eat too much and feel over-full.

✔ You feel out of control around food — especially the sweet stuff. It feels like the only way you can resist the foods you crave is to not allow them inside the house.

✔ You have an “all or nothing” approach to healthy eating, and you wish you could be more “moderate” with how you eat… but you’re not sure where to start.

✔ It feels like everyday is such a challenge when it comes to food. You worry about whether you’re making the right choices and there’s never an “easy” decision when it comes to what you eat.

✔ You’re ready to learn how to enjoy food without all the stress, guilt, or worry about what you eat.

✔ You want to learn how to feel better in your body, move and eat in a way that feels good, and get on with living a rich, fulfilling life!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this programme work?

I’m new to intuitive eating. Can you explain it to me?

How much time do I need to dedicate to going through the program?

Will I lose/gain/maintain my weight if I start eating intuitively?

Is this program for mothers or women only?

I have a health condition. Is this right for me?

I have an eating disorder. Is this right for me?

How is this program different to books I can buy, or other free resources?

I tried intuitive eating before and it didn’t work for me. What should I do?

OK, but I’m still really worried about my weight…

What if I’m not happy with my purchase?

“I feel better… I look better… I don’t have that guilt thing anymore…

I don’t want to eat piles of chocolate biscuits now, because the guilt isn’t there now, that’s what I’ve taken out of this… it’s just been a total eye opener, a revelation… and I’m positive in my head now about the way I eat and so now I feel more positive about myself. The negative feelings have all gone.”


Hey momma — if you’re still here, I know you have questions…

Turning your back on dieting, when you’ve been taught that it’s the only way to maintain your weight, feels almost like letting go of hope —

And while it’s strange to reject the idea that you can achieve a certain size, adhere to certain food rules, and restrict yourself down to the body you want (how’s that been working, by the way?)…

When you choose this path, there’s a whole new set of possibilities waiting for you instead.

( → And they’re way more satisfying than a Lite n’ Easy microwave meal — I promise.)

So, it’s true: Zest Happy + Healthy Eating is about helping you walk away from the beliefs, habits, and patterns that no longer serve you, your happiness, or your health.

It’s about walking away from diets that make you feel awful, only to gain all the weight back and more…

It’s about walking away from punishment, guilt and shame about how you eat and what your body looks like…

It’s about walking away from feeling trapped in your body, at the mercy of your cravings, and out of control around what you eat…

So that you can stop hiding, stop restricting, stop beating yourself up…

And just live your life instead.

It’s about getting the support and step-by-step resources you need to create a life that’s full of rich experiences, delicious food, and a sense of ease in your body that will bleed through to every area of your life —

Your ability to show up at work and the opportunities that matter to you…

Your ability to be present and engaged with your family and the people you love…

Your ability to set an example for your children — that the diet lie is NO way to live…

It’s about giving yourself permission to get on with the beautiful, messy business of living — instead of waiting for the perfect body before you’ll let yourself enjoy the only life you’ve got….

It’s about reclaiming what years of living by The Diet Lie has taken from you…

And choosing to eat and move in a way that feels good and supports your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing…

WITHOUT the restriction, guilt and stress around food and exercise (or forcing yourself to eat cauliflower rice and activated almonds 5 nights a week).

So… where to from here?

All you need to do is try it out for yourself and see what’s possible when you get the EXACT training, support and guidance you need to make it happen…

And with our 30-Day Happiness Guarantee…

You’d be a little crazy to at least not peek at what’s on the other side when you join us.

So the only question left to ask is…

Are you in?

I can’t wait to help you drop the struggle with food, your body, and your weight — and live a happier, richer, fuller life…

~ Jennifer Bowden
Registered Nutritionist

Jennifer Bowden Registered Nutritionist Intuitive Eating Coach

Featured in:

Here’s what people say about Jennifer Bowden

Pamela Stirling

Editor of NZ Listener Magazine

Jennifer’s weekly nutrition column is well-researched and has a strong following...

... many people who write in to ask advice about a myriad of topics.
That feedback about the integrity of the column has also come from her peers and experts at several universities around the country.

Nikki Bezzant

Healthy Food Guide Magazine

Jennifer is highly professional and knowledgeable…

Jennifer has been a regular contributor to Healthy Food Guide, and has worked with us when our in-house nutritionist has been away on several occasions. She has a knack for sharing information in an accessible, friendly and fun style.

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